Dressage Training with Andrew Lovell

Andrew, who travels here from Okehampton, is a very experienced but approachable instructor and competes himself. 

Suitable for all abilities, from accurate circles to half pass! 

Lessons in groups of 2 for 45 minutes at £35.00 each

Runners and riders are as follows:

9.00 jane angilley and Sabine smith

9.45 Alannah angilley and Gwen knight

10.30 Teal Anthony and Bryony Hutchinson

11.15 Sarah jane brown and Vanessa Unsworth

12.00 to 12.30 break

12.30 Margaret Latham and Cally Osbourne

1.15 Claire Martin and Alison Powell

2.00 Sarah jane Brown and Emma Pill

2.45 Sarah Fletcher and Zoe Caines