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Horse Trials Rules

1. The event will be run under Riding Club Rules
2. The organisers reserve the right to combine or separate classes.
3. Anyone mounted must wear a hard hat with a harness properly adjusted and fastened.  All competitors must wear a hat to the standard in the current rule book (PAS 015:1998 or 2011, VG1 01.040:2014-12 and BSI Kitemarked. AS/NZS 3838; 2006 and SAI marked. ASTM F1163: 2004a SEI marked SNELL E2001)  For cross country a skull cap with no fixed peak must be worn to the above standards. Chin straps must be fastened at all times when mounted. 
4. Body Protectors must be worn on the cross country and they are recommended for all jumping. If wearing the “Woof Wear Locking Form” of body protector, please hand the key, in an envelope marked with their name & number to the paramedic before they go cross country. It is their responsibility to collect it afterwards 
5. The use of a stop watch on the cross country phase is forbidden.
6. No Jewellery 
7. Long hair must be tied up not only for safety but also to ensure fence judges can clearly see numbers on bib.
8. No horse may compete in more than one class.
9. No outside assistance may be given 
10. Only those fences marked in the warm-up areas may be used for practice. No galloping or cantering outside the warm-up areas please.
11. If a competitor is eliminated show jumping (unless on a technicality), they may not continue onto the cross country.
12. 3 refusals at any one fence or a total of 4 on the cross country course will result in elimination. Riders must then leave the course at a walk avoiding interference with other competitors.
13. Entries will be limited so please send your completed application forms early to avoid disappointment.
14. Refund of entries will not be given after the closing date without a Doctor’s or Vet’s Certificate.
15. Please do not skip out trailers/lorries on to show grounds.
16. The organisers and landowners are not responsible for any accident, damage or loss to competitors, horses or spectators howsoever caused. 
17. Any complaints should be submitted in writing and accompanied by a deposit of £25
18. Competitors and families may not approach the scorer’s domain.  Any queries must be directed to the organiser.
19. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times. 
20. The judges’ decision is final. 

Horse Trials Rules

Familiarise yourself with the Rules of engagement for the Day

Ignorance is not a valid excuse 

Dressage Tests

Dressage Tests for the Threewaters Horse Trials are as follows and are available by clicking the following links.

Class 1 BRC Horse Trials Test 100 Q (2013) click here

Class 2 BRC Horse Trials Test 90 Q (2013) click here

Class 3 BRC Horse Trials Test 80 Q (2013) click here

Class 4 British Dressage Premin 7 (2002)

Additional Info

Start Times:

Will be available from Friday 9th June

Course Walk:

The course will be available to walk from 2.00pm on Saturday 10th June.