Threewaters Hunter Trials 2018


Class 1 Mini Pairs 70Cm

Class 2 Mini Open 70Cm

Class 3 Midi Pairs 80Cm

Class 4 Midi Open 80Cm

Class 5 Maxi Pairs 90Cm

Class 6 Maxi Open 90Cm

Class 7 Maxi Plus 100Cm+ and will not start before 1300hrs

Entries on the day: £25.00 per class, £20.00 for Threewaters members, Pairs £35.00 per class

Paramedic and Vet fees £2.00 per person

All competitors must be 12 years old or above. Course available to walk from 1400hrs Saturday 21st April.

Caterer and photographer present.

All competitors must have third party liability insurance (This is included in membership of any Riding Club for BRC competitions)


2017 Results can be found here


Hunter Trials Rules

Please familiarise yourself with these rules.

1. The competition will be run under Riding Club rules.

2. Competitors must have Third Party Insurance for their horse, for Riding Club activities this is included with membership to any affiliated Riding Club.

3. Competitors must be 12 years old or over.

4. Any one mounted must wear a hard hat with no fixed peak and with the harness properly adjusted and fastened. All hats must be BSI Kitemarked or Inspec IC Marked and to British Standard PAS: 1998 or 2011, VG1 01.040: 2014-12 American Standard ASTM F1163:2004a provided SEI marked SNELL E2001 and SNELL E2016

5. Body Protectors must be worn and be Level 3 (purple label) which has a 2000 or 2009 label. If wearing the Woof Wear Locking Form of body protector please hand the key in an envelope marked with name and number, to the paramedic before starting Cross Country. It is your responsibility to collect the key before the end of the day.

6. The use of a stop watch is forbidden. Competitors are not permitted mobile phones on the XC course when competing. No monitoring, recording, transmitting or receiving device may be used by a competitor when competing.

7. Long hair must be tied safely, and not obscure the number bib. No jewellery may be worn.

8. No outside assistance may be given.

9. Only fences in the warm up arena may be used for practice, please keep red flags on the right.

10. Three refusals at any one fence result in elimination, or a total of 4 refusals throughout the course. Competitors must leave the course at a walk when asked to do so.

11. Please do not skip out lorries/trailers onto the show parking area.

12. The organisers and landowners are not responsible for any accident, damage or loss to competitors, horses or spectators howsoever caused.

13. Any complaints must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a 25 deposit.

14. Competitors and families may not approach the scorer's domain. Any queries must be directed to the organiser.

15. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all timesl

16. Trailers must not be unhitched from towing vehicles at any time.

17. One whip is permitted, between 45cm and 75cm long and not weighted.

18. Spurs must be smooth metal, blunt and incapable of wounding a horse. Shanks must not be longer than 4cm long and point downwards. Round plastic, metal or rubber knobs, Impuls spurs, are allowed.

19. Medical armbands are compulsory and must be properly completed and worn on the arm.

20. The judges decision is final.